Schwinn 126 Exercise Bike Reviews and Ratings

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Schwinn 126 Upright Exercise Bike Reviews and Ratings.

schwinn126exercisebike Schwinn 126 Upright Exercise Bike Quick Stats and Features
  • The Schwinn 126 upright exercise bike offers 16 levels of eddy current brake resistance
  • Adjustable LCD display monitor Ė shows workout statistics that include heart rate, pedal cadence and interval workout times, as well as time, current speed and distance travelled, plus more
  • Heart Rate monitor built into the handlebars
  • Extra wide seat for comfort
  • Seat and handlebars are easily adjustable
  • Wheels on base for easy storage
  • Approximate Price: $500

Schwinn 126 Upright Exercise Bike

The schwinn 126 upright exercise bike has 16 levels of resistance to choose from. Resistance is provided by the popular magnetic eddy current brake method, which provides for a smooth and quiet workout. It also has a drive system that is controlled by computer to control your workout programs.

You get an adjustable LCD display monitor that keeps track of your workout statistics which includes your time for the workout, a stop watch for intervals which is great for those interval workouts to burn fat, distance travel, calories burned, pedal revolutions per minute or cadence, watts and heart rate.

You get a heart rate monitor which is built into the handlebars. Your heart rate is an important indicator of how hard you are training. This is a great asset to have to monitor your progress, and to make sure you donít over-train.

The seat is extra wide to offer extra comfort for all those hours you are going to be training! It is also easily adjusted in case more than one person is going to use the Schwinn 126.

The handlebars are also easily adjustable. Just slide and lock in place.

You can program your own workout if you want, or choose from 6 preprogrammed workouts. This provides you with enough variety so you donít get bored.

The base has a wide stabilizer so you will feel secure while getting out of the saddle.

Finally, other features of the Schwinn 126 exercise bike include a water bottle, a magazine or book rack and you get wheels on the base so you can easily move and store the bike if you want to.

Reviews of Schwinn 126 Exercise Bike

Below are some user reviews that I have found and included here so you dont have to search so many sites for a good range of reviews. The main source I have found for good quality exercise bike reviews by users is amazon, but there are other good reviews which I will summarise and included here to help you make the best choice for what you are looking for in an exercise bike.

Review by Users of the Schwinn 126 Exercise Bike

Of the number of reviews of the Schwinn 126 exercise bike, I got a mixed response.

Schwinn 126 Review 1

The reviewer found the Schwinn 126 to be easy to assemble and the main benefit was the fact that the seat and handlebars are easy to adjust - this is great if more than one person is going to use the bike

Schwinn 126 Review 2

The reviewer found that the Schwinn 126 took over two hours to assemble and when it was finished, due to the way this bike was manufactured, the handlebars were off center and tilting slightly to the left. Based on other reviews I have seen, this appears to be an isolated case.

Schwinn 126 Review 3

The Reviewer was happy with their purchase. The main draw back that the reviewer had was that the seat was not comfortable for them after working out for over half an hour, even with special padded bike pants. Also, the frame of the Schwinn 126 did not feel as solid as the reviewer wanted.

The pluses included the workout programs that provide good variety and the Schwinn 126 is silent, so watching tv or listening to the radio is not a problem.

Overall they were happy with the purchase.

4 stars

Schwinn 126 Review 4

The seconder reviewer rated the Schwinn 126 poorly.

First of all the heart rate monitor cable was broken. Secondly, there was a knocking sound after each revolution of the pedals, and because of this the pedal action was not smooth.

They also agree that the frame feels less than solid.

Overall they were not happy with their purchase.

1 star